Chronic Headaches

I.C.E. DOWN Ice Wraps

Migraines and other types of headaches can become chronic. Chronic headaches take a very heavy toll on your life and your health. Headaches are considered chronic if you have them for 15 days or more each month for at least three months. I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps can help relieve your chronic headache pain.

Chronic Migraine Headaches

Migraines are considered chronic if you have headaches on at least 15 days each month for three months. The headaches can include tension-type headaches. Migraine headaches must occur on at least eight days each month and last at least four hours if untreated.

Chronic Tension Headaches

In chronic tension headaches the pain may get better and worse at times, but for most sufferers it never completely goes away. The big marker that tells you it is not migraine is the absence of neurological symptoms such as nausea, vision changes, and sensitivity to light.

New Daily Persistent Headache

In new daily persistent headache (NDPH) the pain is constant from the moment the headache first began, or within three days of onset, and lasts for at least three months. They pain occurs on both sides of the head and is not pulsating. It feels more like pressure or a tightening band on the head. NDPH is accompanied by sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, or mild nausea. It is not aggravated by physical activity.

Hemicrania Continua

Hemicranias continua causes constant pain on one side of the head. The pain never goes away, although there may be episodes of increased intensity. Hemicranias continua can have neurological symptoms like migraines, and can cause symptoms in the face on the affected side including:

  • Constricted pupil
  • Drooping eyelid
  • Red eye
  • Runny eye
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose

Consequences of Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can have devastating consequences. They take the joy out of life, and can lead to serious psychological and physical health problems including depression and sleep disorders. Chronic headaches can make it difficult to think and concentrate, making life an ugly blur.

In an effort to relieve the pain, people who suffer with chronic headaches can spend years seeing doctors and specialist and trying various medications and treatments. Some drugs may relieve the pain, but have debilitating side effects of their own. Others may be completely ineffective.

Cold therapy can give you relief from chronic headaches without the side effects of medications, and without interfering with other treatments you may be trying.

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