Treating Pain with ICE Down Cold Therapy Wraps and BioFreeze

There can be some therapeutic effect for treating minor soft tissue injuries when topical cream-gels like BIOFREEZE® are applied to an injured area of the body However only ice can reach the deep tissue and sustain the cold long enough to produce the necessary physiological response, endorphin release, vasoconstriction and vasodilation. The I.C.E. DOWN wrap and cold pack system provides the cold and compression necessary to treat pain and injury.

As stated on the BIOFREEZE® Web site, "BIOFREEZE® can aid in the treatment of injuries and can be used in any supervised situation requiring the use of ice". The I.C.E. DOWN cold pack and wrap cold are designed to deliver cold and compression in the simplest, quickest and most effective manner possible to various parts of the body.

I.C.E. DOWN relieves or stops pain in several ways. When I.C.E. DOWN cold pack is applied to the body it triggers the following reaction:

  • an immediate release of endorphins (the body's natural opiates)
  • a decrease in nervous transmissions in pain fibers
  • it inhibits spinal neurons
  • it reduces metabolism in tissue to relieve the deleterious effect of ischemia (a lack of blood supply in an organ or tissue)
  • it raises the pain threshold
  • it decreases excitability of free nerve endings acts as a counter-irritant

Cold serves to remove heat from the localized area of treatment. Therefore, the applied cold therapy must be cold enough, and remain cold long enough, to be effective. lt must also mold to the body to give adequate coverage.

For example, when treating a joint such as a knee, elbow, wrist or foot and ankle cold should be applied so it goes completely around, and extends a little beyond, the joint or area of treatment. I.C.E. DOWN's unique Flexible-Ice formula allows the liquid in the cold pack to convert to ice and remain flexible so it easily molds to the body.

In conjunction with cold application to an injury it is most important to compress the treated area. Compression helps control edema, the fluid build-up around an injured area. The I.C.E. DOWN neoprene wrap gives even compression and support over the area of treatment.

Here is what our professional Customers say…

I just wanted to let you know that I.C.E. DOWN wraps are fantastic. I first started using them when I worked in an orthopedic & sports medicine clinic and we saw a great number of patients with low back pain. It allowed them to ice and exercise and it worked great on knee problems.

I opened my own practice and I.C.E. DOWN is the only form of cold therapy we have ever used. Over the years we have dispensed them to many patients for home use and they are completely satisfied. Thank you and your company for providing such an efficient form of Cryotherapy.

David Nannen, P.T.,
President Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy

Our clinic specializes in aggressive, active rehabilitation of neck and back ailments. We have found I.C.E. DOWN to be of great value in controlling discomfort after exercise and in first aid for acute injuries. Because we keep our patients moving while here, the fastening feature of the wraps keeps everyone hands free. Patients can continue to do various parts of rehab while receiving cold benefits. We appreciate your excellent service and this very convenient practical and effective product.

Michael Hogan, PT Physicians Neck and Back Clinic Roseville, MN I.C.E. DOWN is the only cold therapy product ever endorsed by the (APTA) American Physical Therapy Association. To view our whole line of cold therapy products, click here.