ICE Down Testimonials & Reviews

I commonly utilize I.C.E. DOWN…for the management of…cervical thoracic and lumbar strain, knee and ankle sprains, various contusions, disorders of the elbow (including lateral epicondylitis and shoulder tendonitis. My patients have found that using I.C.E. DOWN is much easier than using bags of ice or other modalities.

While various members of my family and me have personally benefited from the use of I.C.E. DOWN, I have had numerous patients present in follow-up with favorable comments regarding the I.C.E. Down they received. I will note that these statements have never been solicited. In effect, many patients have volunteered the following: "The I.C.E. Down was great."

Brad Bower, M.D.
Medical Director
Department of Occupational Medicine
Sharp Healthcare
Oceanside, CA

Thank you Chris. You not only have an excellent product but equally good customer service. A loyal customer


Thank you so much for the prompt shipment of the Migraine Cold Therapy Wrap. I do not look forward to my next migraine, but am hoping that the migraine wrap works as well for migraines as the large cold therapy wrap works for my back.
I had back surgery 2 years ago to remove a cyst and bone spurs on the right side. I still have a herniated disc at L4-5 along with a cyst and bone spurs on the left side of my back. I have had back pain for more than 20 years, and the surgery alleviated much of the pain, but I still have pain, which is sometimes severe. I use the cold therapy wrap and it feels better almost instantly. I love the fact that I don't have to sit or lie down while icing my back; I can be mobile and get things done while icing. I also use the cold therapy wrap whenever I am going to be in the car for more than an hour, as I always get back pain when driving/riding in a car. It really helps to prevent or at least decrease the pain.

Thanks for providing such great products! I am recommending your products to my chiropractor, Dr. Pete D'Allier at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, in the hopes that he will recommend your products to his patients. I think that many patients would benefit from your cold therapy wraps.

Pam A.

I give this product Five Stars!!!! Can't recommend it enough. I have a knee wrap that both my husband and I have used for years, and it has held up very well. I just ordered a second knee wrap for my daughter to help her with her knee issues. I talked to Chris at I.C.E. Down, and it was an amazing experience. Chris was extremely helpful and was able to add valuable input. I cannot recommend this company and product enough!.


I purchased my cold pack knee wrap over 11 years ago when I had knee surgery. I just recently had to replace the cold pack but the Velcro sleeve is still working perfectly. I highly recommend this product as my knee surgeon recommended because it ices the whole knee not just half. I was amazed that the gel pack lasted over 20 years. I will not buy any other brand because the lifetime of product is amazing and the customer service was absolutely the best.

Teresa B.
Flint, CO

Got the box of new stuff the day after my wife cracked her collar bone and a rib on her bicycle. Nice timing! They are wonderful on the injuries, and it's great to have the varieties to choose from. The head of my left gastrocnemius is receiving therapy in a few minutes. Thank you for providing the world (and us!) with this wonderful product! Now if I can just stop giving them away!A big fan,

Justin M.
Hershey, PA

I.C.E. DOWN has been a valuable aid to me as a Motion Picture Stuntman and Mixed Martial Arts instructor, where many contusions and impact injuries occur. It provides a convenient way to give relief to these kinds of injuries as well as aches and pains that can come from repetitive use and recurring conditions such as strains and sprains to headaches and joint pain.

I.C.E. DOWN is a superior product in which I highly recommend to anyone engaged in athletics, or any activity in which injury may occur. I.C.E. DOWN provides both compression and cold to the site of any injury that requires it and it is a must have for any first aid kit in the gym or home.

Furthermore I can attest that I.C.E. DOWN is the most sensible item for all athletic trainers, medical personnel and first responders to have. I insist that my staff keep and use I.C.E. DOWN at my school and when I'm on the set.

Gene LeBell

I.C.E. DOWN allows us to treat our patients without immobilizing them…it gives the patient a positive feeling toward recovery.

Scott H. Legget, Director
University of California
Department of Orthopedics La Jolla, CA

Periodically my back will give me problems and I immediately go for the I.C.E. DOWN and within minutes the pain is gone and I have full range of motion again. My Mom has a back problem, so I gave her my I.C.E. DOWN (she loves it) and I ordered a new one for myself. Keep up the good work.

Bill Toomey, Director of Sports Nutrition
Gold Medalist - Decathlon 1968 Olympics / world record Pentathlon 1969 (unbroken)

I.C.E. DOWN is the best product I've found when I need to ice down sore spots or injuries. Its easy to use and effective.

Mark Allen
Six Times Ironman Triathlon World Champion

My ICE Down cold pack has been a blessing. It is wonderful for migraines, but I really am thankful to have it for sport injuries/bruises. I researched for a quality product, not wanting to rebuy packs constantly. These packs are great for several reasons: adjustable small to long, use one while another refreezes, they are soft and form easily anywhere, plus the wrap secures them nicely. The biggest bonus is the warranty! Great customer service is a pleasure to deal with.


Justin M.

I am writing to thank you for such a good product. I bought the cervical wrap and it has really helped me a lot.

Elizabeth M.
New York, NY

I meant to write sooner, but better late than never, right! Thank you for getting the ice pack #1003 to me so quickly. It arrived the day after I ordered it! Its working great on my knee and my hubby is using it on his back several times a day too.

Thanks for the great service. Be happy.

Susan B.
Hacienda Heights, CA

I liked my first order so much, I ordered another one as a gift for a friend. Stopped my migraine dead in its tracks. Keep up with the good products.

Thank you,

Linda B. Bogart, GA

Thanks for the I.C.E. DOWN. It is the best. I was very lucky to have it. I used every size. Once again, thank you.

Rita Crockett Royster
World Champion Beach Vollyball, European Champion Vollyball, Silver Medal Olympic Games (Los Angeles)
Head Coach U.S. Olympic Team

The products were received with great interest…we have a Mom's group that meets regularly and we will continue to spread the word - this is just the kind of thing that we like to promote and network - stuff to help moms and kids! I have also given brochures to some of the home care companies and our Hemophilia Treatment Center.

Thanks again! A great product!

Brendan C.
Dallas , Texas

Thanks alot! Love the product…Told My PT guy to buy some.

Aaron B.
Redondo Beach, CA

Back Care, Inc. is an exercise based rehabilitation program utilizing a work conditioning approach with chronic back and neck conditions…the only modality we utilize is I.C.E. DOWN.

Jannelle G. Kampi, PT
Spirits Lake, IA

I recently purchased a couple of wraps for our athletic family. After struggling for years with plastic ice bags and elastic wraps we are thrilled with the simplicity and effectiveness of our ICE DOWN products. We are recommending them to schools, coaches and friends.

Paul B.
Hawthorne, NY

I.C.E. DOWN is an excellent aid to have on the bench during games to treat injuries…it is particularly valuable to me in treating player's strains, contusions and sprains…the shoulder wrap has been especially useful.

John Adams, Head Trainer
Milwaukee Brewers

I am a 39 year old dentist who has had three surgeries on my right knee. I have been involved in Triathlons for 5 years….last year my knee got inflamed while running and I was unable to compete…I begin using I.C.E. DOWN and I am able to compete in all my planned races and I can run 20 miles per week…Congratulations on a wonderful product!

Kent Howard, D.M.D.
Cardiff, CA

The use of I.C.E. DOWN products markedly relieves pain and lessens the need for narcotic or non-narcotic analgesics…I have personally used the product and testify to its effectiveness.

John R. Hastings, M.D., Director
St. Joseph
's Medical Center
Stockton, CA

Our clinic specializes in aggressive, active rehabilitation of neck and back ailments. We have found I.C.E. DOWN to be of great value in controlling discomfort after exercise and in first aid for acute injuries. Because we keep our patients moving while here, the fastening feature of the wraps keeps everyone hands free. Patients can continue to do various parts of rehab while receiving cold benefits…we appreciate your excellent service and this very convenient practical and effective product.

Michael Hogan, PT
Physicians Neck and Back Clinic
Roseville, MN

I have been using I.C.E. DOWN for years and I have found no other product as convenient or effective for musculoskeletal injuries…congratulations on a great product for those of who demand maximum performance as a way of life.

John Howard, Director School of Champions
Winner Ironman Triathlon / Cycling 24-hour World Record
Cycling absolute speed World record holder

I received some lifesaving I.C.E. DOWNS…and forgot to thank-you. I have been an avid user and believer in ice for years and I.C.E. DOWN is perfect. Getting older and still competing aggressively sometimes makes life painful. My routine during tennis season is to put it on my wrists in the morning on my way to work….the same after work on my way to the tennis courts to train and finally in the evenings on the way home. It is great preventative magic as I finished as the top women's open player in the U.S.

Marilyn Hamilton, Sr. V.P. Marketing
Motion Designs, Inc.

The enormous benefits of Cryotherapy have been clearly established, now the challenge to the prescribing doctor is compliance. I.C.E. DOWN has greatly enhanced the likelihood of co-operation and increased effectiveness of therapy.

Thank You,

Laurence D. Grogin, D.C.
Calabasas , CA

I had the pleasure of trying I.C.E. DOWN therapy and found it to be very helpful in the care of my patients with back pain. We have used it in the post-operative period and find that analgesic use and hospital stay can be decreased significantly. The cold pack is actually thick enough to also act as a cushion to provide extra Lumbar Lordosis while sitting or supine. I am pleased with I.C.E. DOWN and intend to continue using it for the treatment of my patients with back pain.

Gary D. Goldish, M.D.
The Institute for Low Back Care
Minneapolis , MN

I am a coach at North Warren Regional H.S and during practice our quarterback injured his elbow throwing a pass. We limited him to running plays only while wearing I.C.E. DOWN on his elbow…he lost no playing time due to his sore elbow.

Thank You

Hank Galzio

We have used I.C.E. DOWN for years and find it is useful in several ways…it provides complete coverage for necks and backs and after our patient has performed their maximum workout for back or neck the application of I.C.E. DOWN enables them to continue with the rest of their workout without having to lie down or have a large bag of ice on the area of treatment. It's convenient to apply and there is no mess from melting ice. Most of our patients purchase I.C.E. DOWN for use at home and it is easy for them to apply and remain active.


Mark L. Miller, MS; PT; ATC/R
Physical Therapists/Athletic Trainer
Director of OFC Back Care Center
Mankato , MN

During the latter half of the season I had the opportunity to use I.C.E. DOWN where I would normally apply ice post injury. I used it on the pitchers who normally use ice after a game. The player response was very positive, the compression and the ease of application and removal. It actually molds and forms around the area you are treating and it's not hard as a rock! I look forward to using it again in our next season.

Richard Bancells, A.T.C.
Head Trainer
Baltimore Orioles

I just wanted to let you know that I.C.E. DOWN wraps are fantastic. I first started using them when I worked in an orthopedic & sports Medicine clinic and we saw a great number of patients with low back pain. It allowed them to ice and exercise and it worked great on knee problems. I opened my own practice and I.C.E. DOWN is the only form of cold therapy we have ever used. Over the years we have dispensed them to many patients for home use and they are completely satisfied. Thank you and your company for providing such an efficient form of Cryotherapy.


David Nannen, P.T., President
Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy