Shoulder Cold Therapy

I.C.E. DOWN Shoulder Cold Therapy Ice Wraps

With a contemporary edge given to the treatment of pain, ice packs are among the most commonly used treatments for shoulder pain.

Ice packs and ice wraps give a contemporary edge to the treatment of shoulder pain. It is literally breathtaking to see how ice packs can minimize swelling around the injury. If you have a recent injury (within the last 48 hours) where swelling is a problem, you should be using ice treatment. Flaunt a healthy lifestyle sans shoulder pain and say good bye to shoulder pain with Ice Down cold ice packs.

Shoulder pain showcases an extremely common complaint, and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause.

Some causes of shoulder pain may include-

1. Rotator cuff tear - Rotator cuff tears occur when the tendons of the rotator cuff separate from the bone. Surgery is sometimes necessary for this condition.

2. Frozen shoulder - Also called 'adhesive capsuliitis,' this is a common condition that leads to stiffness of the joint. Physical therapy and stretching are extremely important aspects of treatment.

3. Calcific Tendonitis - Calcific tendonitis is a condition of calcium deposits within a tendon -- most commonly within the rotator cuff tendons. Treatment of calcific tendonitis depends on the extent of symptoms.

4. Shoulder Instability - Instability is a problem that causes a loose joint. Instability can be caused by a traumatic injury (dislocation), or may be a developed condition.

An unconventional way of treating shoulder pain, cold therapy is most commonly used for acute injuries. Cold therapy is an amazing pain management option offered by Ice Down. Anchored with many good benefits, applying an ice pack early and often for the first 48 hours will help minimize swelling. Decreasing swelling around an injury will help to control the pain. Ice treatments may also be used for chronic conditions, such as overuse injuries in athletes. In this case, ice the injured area after activity to help control inflammation. Never ice a chronic injury before activity.

Cold therapy is a stupendous idea to treat and manage shoulder pain. The arresting therapy, cold packs and ice wraps is often used in conditions such as ankle sprain, or after activities that irritate a chronic injury, such as shin splints. Cold therapy makes for an inventive therapy for people suffering from shoulder pain. Buy Ice Down shoulder ice wraps to treat your shoulder pain.