ICE DOWN Ice Wraps for Neck Pain
Ice Wraps for Neck Pain

Neck Pain

I.C.E. DOWN Ice Wraps for Neck Pain

Neck pain can hit suddenly or set in gradually over time. A wrong move or sudden turn of the head can start a battle with pain and stiffness that lasts for hours, days, or longer. An accident can lead to chronic neck pain, even if you do not notice your neck injury right away. I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps can give you relief from neck pain and help you heal, without the side effects of medications

Neck pain slows you down and can ruin your day. Chronic neck pain is a constant misery. It affects how you move your entire body and you may soon develop stiffness and pain in other parts of your body from moving so carefully to favor your neck.

Neck pain can lead to headaches, and it may involve shoulder and/or back pain.

Neck Pain Causes

The majority of neck pain is caused by poor posture, sitting for prolonged periods of time, sleeping in the wrong position, and other daily habits or activities.

Of course, a fall, car accident, or sports injury can cause neck pain. So can some medical conditions including arthritis and fibromyalgia. Neck pain can also be caused by a herniated disc.

Neck Pain Relief

Most neck pain responds well to self-care. Icing is one of the most highly recommended treatments. I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps make icing your neck easy and convenient.

Cold therapybrings down the inflammation. It stops the muscle spasms that are often involved in neck pain. When cold is applied it stimulates the release of endorphins. Cold therapy also numbs the nerve endings and reduces the pain signals sent to the brain.

Immediately icing an injured neck not only makes you feel better, it helps speed your recovery and healing. By reducing the inflammation you prevent further damage. After the first day or two, if you can get comfortable enough to move your neck more naturally, you can prevent the stiffness and muscle weakness that come from lack of use.

When neck pain is the result of health conditions involving inflammation, cold therapy attacks the source of the pain. Many people will instantly reach for the heating pad for a sore neck, but that only makes the inflammation worse. An ice wrap knocks out the inflammation.

Small changes can sometimes have a big effect on neck pain. You may need to raise or lower your computer monitor, try a different pillow such as a neck pillow, and develop some healthy habits such as periodically performing neck stretches when you sit for prolonged periods of time.

To learn more about I.C.E. DOWN for neck pain, or to place an order, please visit our neck ice pack online store today.

Ice Wraps Neck Pain
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