I.C.E. DOWN Ice Wraps for Knee Pain

Knee Pain

I.C.E. DOWN Ice Wraps for Knee Pain

Whether your knee pain is caused by a recent injury, has come on gradually over the years or is the result of an old injury, you need relief from your knee pain, and you need to stop the damage from progressing. I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps reduce the inflammation, relieve the pain, and can be an important part of getting on the road to healing your knees.

Knee pain is a very common complaint, and one of the most common types of musculoskeletal problems that people see their doctors for. Many people just live with the pain, never seeking treatment, and believing that it is an inevitable consequence of aging or wear and tear early in life.

Our knees are very vulnerable. They have a big job to do and take lots of abuse. Your knees not only bear your weight, they bend, twist and turn, and must maintain a delicate balance. Instability in the knee can quickly lead to serious injury.

There is nothing like knee pain to make you aware of just how you use your knees. Knee pain can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Tasks that you normally do not think of as physically taxing, or as hard on your knees, become strained, difficult or impossible.

Of course walking and running are affected, but the little things really stand out. Things like bending down to get something off the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, standing up after sitting in front of the TV for a while, and other tasks you normally do without thinking, jolt you with a sudden reminder that something is wrong with your knees. Driving can be excruciating, and if you do not use the affected leg while driving, that first step out of the vehicle can be downright dangerous.

Most knee pain can be treated at home with self-care, but if you have severe pain, pain that will not go away, or if there was some kind of trauma to your knee, you should get it checked out. You do not want to make an existing injury worse, and you may need the guidance of a physical therapist.

Knee injuries and knee pain almost always involve inflammation. The inflammation and swelling contribute to the pain and can make injuries worse. Cold therapy reduces the inflammation, swelling, and the pain. I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps also provide compression to keep swelling down, and support for your knee.

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Knee Ice Wraps

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