Advantages of I.C.E.Down Cold Packs vs. other Ice Wraps

Cold Therapy Cold Packs and Ice Wraps

With so many ice wraps and cold therapy products to choose from, you may be wondering what sets I.C.E. DOWN apart. I.C.E. DOWN excels in effectiveness, ease of use, and durability while having the lowest cost-in-use of cold therapy products on the market by as much as five times.

Cold Packs

Cold therapy works by extracting heat from the affected area. To do that the cold pack must stay cold enough long enough to reach the deep tissue.

Disposable chemical cold packs lose their heat almost instantly. The majority of gel packs do not freeze and, therefore, warm up too quickly to get the job done. Cold packs containing water do freeze, but they are not flexible enough to conform to the shape of your body.

The I.C.E. DOWN gel formula forms ice crystals, so it stays cold longer than other gels. It freezes to a lower temperature than water, so the time necessary to complete the therapeutic process is reduced by more than half of that required when using ice. I.C.E. DOWN cold packs remain pliable when frozen, so they can easily be molded to fit the body.

The multi-pocket configuration of the I.C.E. DOWN cold pack means you can fold it into a small "foot" for easy storage in your freezer. It also means the cold pack can be contracted or expanded into three different sizes for better and more convenient coverage when treating a large area of the body such as your back or hip.


The I.C.E. DOWN neoprene wrap is stretchable and provides even compression over the area of application. It expands and contracts with the body for comfort and optimal mobility when performing rehabilitative exercises (cryokinetics).

The wrap is hypoallergenic and it provides sufficient insulation to ensure that the cold pack remains cold during treatment.

I.C.E. DOWN can be worn over your clothing. The poly-coating on the inside of the rip-stop nylon pocket keeps your clothes dry. You can use I.C.E. DOWN ice wraps while you rest, work, or exercise, and know that the wrap will stay securely in place.

Durability and Value

If you have used cold packs in the past, you know how quickly they split at the seams. Most cold packs are cheaply made. I.C.E. DOWN cold packs are double-walled, extending the life of the packs by years. You can lie down on I.C.E. DOWN's double-walled cold pack without having to worry about it splitting or breaking.

I.C.E. DOWN neoprene wraps have over-lock stitching around the edge of the wrap which keeps the fabric and rubber protected from separation and bar-tack stitching reinforces each corner of the rip-stop nylon pocket. The tight-knit low pile Velcro-type loop fabric on the wrap allows the hook fastener to hit the same target zone repeatedly without fuzzing-up or breaking down over long-term use. All of the I.C.E. DOWN cold therapy wraps have hidden value because they are designed for application on more than one area of the body.

I.C.E. DOWN is the highest quality health care product in its category and although it may cost slightly more than other products, the return in value is 10 times greater.

To learn more about I.C.E. DOWN, or to place an order, please visit our online store today.