Premium wraps

High quality long lasting loop fabric gives full compression

All size include one wrap and one I.C.E Pack

except the Neck and Wrist wraps which have two cold packs and the Migraine Head Wrap which has three ice packs


Acute Care - Economy Wraps have medium quality loop fabric with stretchable straps gives partial compression

All sizes include one wrap and one I.C.E Pack (except the Migraine Head Wrap which has three ice packs)

Leader for applied cold therapy in the medical field

Relieves Pain, Reduces Inflammation, & Promotes Healing

I.C.E. Down is a line of premium quality cold therapy wraps designed to deliver cold & compression simultaneously.

I.C.E. Down cold wraps are ideal for: back pain sufferers, migraine sufferers, people with knee pain, post-surgical patients and athletes with various joint ailments. More than 1200 hospitals, physical therapy clinics and chiropractors have chosen I.C.E. Down cold compression therapy.

All of our cold wraps carry a 1 year warranty, but will continue to perform for many years.

  • Knowledge Resources
  • Shoulder Cold Therapy

    Ice packs and ice wraps give a contemporary edge to the treatment of shoulder pain. It is literally breathtaking to see how ice packs can minimize swelling around the injury


  • Migraine Relief -Clinical Study

    MIGRAINE, TENSION, & CLUSTER headaches are the three most common varieties and the following is a brief description of these three types of headaches and the treatments available to relieve pain.


  • Living with Tennis Elbow

    If you're pushing 40 and play tennis a couple of times a week, you're an even money bet to develop tennis elbow. The older you are and more often you play, the likelier the injury.


  • reviews
  • I liked my first order so much, I ordered another one as a gift for a friend. Stopped my migraine dead in its tracks. Keep up with the good products. Thank you,

    Linda B.
    Bogart, GA

  • Back Care, Inc. is an exercise based rehabilitation program utilizing a work conditioning approach with chronic back and neck conditions…the only modality we utilize is I.C.E. DOWN.

    Jannelle G. Kampi, PT
    Spirits Lake, IA

  • I.C.E. DOWN is an excellent aid to have on the bench during games to treat injuries…it is particularly valuable to me in treating player's strains, contusions and sprains…the shoulder wrap has been especially useful.

    John Adams, Head Trainer
    Milwaukee Brewers

  • I am writing to thank you for such a good product. I bought the cervical wrap and it has really helped me a lot.

    Elizabeth M.
    New York, NY